Swisscom myCloud – Spec Commercial

«Gruss und Kuss» – Fictional Short, D: Aurelio Ghirardelli & Pascale Egli

Mobiliar Expertenerklärvideos ÜBF 2018 – Commercial, D: Alun Meyerhans

«When Life gives you Lemons» – Fictional Short, D: Linda Krauss & Sam Handel

«CASA» – Fictional Short, D: Jasmin Lord Gassmann

«The Wild Werner» – Mockumentary
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Gold in Best Digital Campaign – Eyes&Ears Award 2016
Gold in Best Special Marketing – Eyes&Ears Award 2016

Gold in Student of the Year 2017 – ADC Switzerland

Silver in «Student of the Year 2017» – ADC Europe

Special Prize in «Best In» – Crossmedia Award 2017

Advancement Award 2016 – University of the Arts Zurich

«The Wild Werner» – Case Study

«Hallo Angst» – Fictional Short

IKKII Boots – Commercial, D: Alessio Maag

EWZ Lettenstrom – Spec Commercial

Taxi 444 – Commercials

BBoy Artista

JOSH – My Dear – Music Video